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The Future of Lake Conroe

Just got home from a Lake Conroe Advisory Committee Meeting at the SJRA, and want to get everything down "on paper" before I forget any of it.

1. The current aquatic plant survey is as follows:

Hydrilla                  0.003 acres

Water Hyacinth       3.0    acres

Giant Salvinia        13.0   acres

Alligator Weed       28.0   acres

Floating Heart        N/A   (the plant is present, and currently being treated)

Native Plants       135.0   acres


2. The invasive plants mentioned are being treated with a new herbicide called "Procella Cor". This treatment is targeted towards the invasives, and should not affect the natives (long term). If contact does occur on the natives, it may knock them back for a short period...but shouldn't kill them.


3. Of the original stocking of 100,000 grass carp into Lake Conroe in 2008, and based on the accepted mortality rate of 32% per year...the current number of grass carp in Conroe is estimated at 1,600. These fish are keeping the hydrilla in check as no measurable amount of the plant is being recorded. With those numbers...the following Management Plan is being suggested by the TPWD:


4. Lake Conroe Management Plan -

a) Continue to monitor and survey hydrilla annually (more if deemed necessary)

b) If hydrilla begins to appear "wild" (outside of the native plant cages that it is currently located in), then an assessment of "going back one year in carp numbers" will be recommended. What this means is that if an estimated number of carp in a given year (say like this year - where 1,600 carp) are seemingly managing the hydrilla, and next year a 32% mortality drops the numbers down to (say around) 1,100 carp, and those carp do not get the job done...then the TPWD wants to reverse the slide back to the previous year, and put around 500 carp back into the bring the numbers back up to 1,600. This plan will be in conjunction with direct application of the new Procella Cor herbicide on that hydrilla present.

I hope this makes sense. If anyone has questions about this proposed program, feel free to get in touch with me. We all have opinions on hydrilla management on Lake Conroe, but please take into consideration that property owners appear to be on board with this suggested program...and adding 500 grass carp could be way better than the 5,000 that we were told a couple of years ago could happen.


5. Final bullet point in tonight's meeting - "Lake Enhancement"

a) Possible upgrades to the FM 830 boat ramp were discussed. Funding is being pursued to make that ramp better, with courtesy docks and fishing piers.

b) Bird Island restorations are also being pursued, possibly with erosion fills and border rip rap around the island.




Ron G


Where Are All of the Carp?

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Thanks Ron for the update and I am surprised hydrilla has not made a come back with the lack of carp. Hopefully with this plan when we do get some growth it is not totally eradicated. The lake needs healthy positive aquatic plants to maintain good water and fish quality which all of us enjoy. 

Terry Reich
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